Facial Beauty Harmonics

45 Minutes          $85

Every fine line or spot on your face has a story to tell. For example, the point beside our mouths called ST4 is connected to 8 muscles and many emotions. Sometimes, we hold these emotions in the cellular level. Did you know we can access all of our body organs through the different points and muscles on our face?

Imagine getting a natural facial rejuvenation without expensive surgeries or injections, releasing deep seated emotions and the side effect is less fine lines.

In your 45 minute facial beauty harmonics session, we will utilize the power of harmonizing with the vibrations of tuning forks and colour lights. The basis of the vibration is the frequency of 198Hz, UT - releasing fro guilt and fear. And the colours used are Green and Magenta which is also emotional release and balancing.  

Through the manual work specially designed by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garret using acupressure points and sounds/lights harmonization, and years of practise and wisdom accumulated, I would love to support your wellness journey through a beautiful facial beauty harmonics session.

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