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Raindrop Wellness Session

$ 130 
✔️ Can include Essential oils, Coloured lights, Tuning forks, Crystals

✔️ Add Neuro-Endocrine (Chakra) Clearing for $20

✔️ Add Auricular Clearing (includes Colon Clearing, Liver Detox, Lymphatic Drainage, Kidney/Lung Tonification) $30

✔️ Add quick Zyto Scan (does not include report reading) $20

Full Body Zyto Discovery

$ 80
✔️ Zyto Scan

✔️ Zyto Report Reading

✔️ Recommendations

Neuro - Auricular Technique (NAT)

$ 100 
✔️ Can help jump start synapsis of the brain

✔️ Can help reconnect the synapsis of the brain to the upper spine

✔️ Nourishes the vagus nerve

Facial Beauty Harmonics

$ 95
✔️ Utilize acupressure points on your face

✔️ Can reduce fine lines and wrinkles

✔️ Natural Facial rejuvenation

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